Software Licenses

Software Licensing Professional Services

With decades of experience, software procurement and licensing is the foundation of Klouder Limited’s business. We have strong relationships on a local and global scale with a variety of vendors and solutions providers, enhanced by our knowledgeable and certified account managers.

Klouder Limited understands that rapidly changing business technologies can make licensing your organization a challenge. We can coordinate and manage your contracts on an international scale, and provide corresponding solutions to optimize your business, taking into account vital differences in currency, language and legislation.

We understand the importance of being future proof. Using state-of-the-art tools and our expertise, we can analyses your existing environment to define the best volume licensing solutions for the future growth of your organization.

Klouder Limited combines this high level of expertise with a comprehensive knowledge of products, software, conditions and accompanying services – which is why we have the confidence of our partners and customers. We cooperate in long-term, close and certified partnerships with renowned manufacturers, which ensure our high-level of certification.


As a software publisher, maximizing profitability hinges significantly on how well your license models meet the needs of the market and of your business. A well-constructed and effective licensing implementation will:

  • Give your customers the tools they need to operate within the terms of their license agreements.
  • Help your sales teams more easily meet their revenue targets by limiting unauthorized and inadvertent over-deployment.

Software licensing is an ongoing process. Business models are constantly evolving and customer demands are always increasing. Many software publishers have an existing licensing strategy in place but may find it expensive and difficult to manage, lacking in functionality, or incapable of adapting to new business goals.

Klouder Limited’s Software Licensing Consultants specialize in system design and optimization. Whether you know how your licensing strategy needs to evolve or you just know there is a broken process somewhere, a Klouder Limited Licensing Consultant will clarify your organization’s new or additional business goals for licensing; conduct an assessment of your existing licensing processes; and then define an actionable plan for evolving your licensing strategy.