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Klouder Limited has always chased the big business market and to be honest, by most indications they seemed to have followed the same approach with their cloud platform. The company is particularly focused on PaaS and SaaS cloud systems, its Bluemix development tool has been well-received by the software development community, while its range of powerful cloud SaaS management tools and services are also scoring some big successes.

A strong feature of Klouder Limited’s cloud services is that its tools and security features work well over multi-cloud environments. This has been backed up by a high level of IT support, something that has frustrated users of the rival cloud systems such as others Cloud Providers.

As a consequence, both companies and individuals are advised to spend a considerable amount of time examining the full scope of their needs before selecting a cloud service provider.

Cost Efficient

Space Efficient



Unique Features

The Klouder Limited Cloud has a few unique offerings that its competitors are not currently able to match. For example, it is the only major cloud vendor that emphasizes its bare metal servers, which can be very attractive for organizations that have particular performance or security requirements. Klouder Limited also gives organizations a lot of flexibility and customization options, on a scale that the other big three don’t. On the downside, it can take up to several hours to configure and deploy a custom server, which has caused many customers to finally turn their back on Klouder Limited.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a type of data storage where the digital data is stored remotely, spanning multiple servers and sometimes even locations, typically owned and managed by a hosting company, who are responsible for keeping data available for keeping the data available and accessible. Cloud storage usage is on the rise and has been for quite a while. The advantages are clear:

Cloud Storage Features

Automatic Backup

Automatic backups offer the convenience of configuring backup jobs to occur based on a preset time and date. The feature alleviates the need for the user to have to remember to manually run the job. Once the feature is configured, you can rest assured that a copy of your data will be stored on your online account.

In the event that you shut down your computer in the middle of a backup job, it will automatically resume once the computer is powered back on.

Incremental Backup

A feature that ensures only files which were modified, or newly created, since the last backup is saved to your cloud storage. The feature is important in that it is efficient, quick, and saves precious space from getting eaten up by duplicate documents.

File Archiving

Without this feature, older files are automatically deleted and replaced by their newer versions. File archiving preserves older versions so that, if needed, they can be accessed. Regardless of the number of previous versions, file archiving will keep a copy of each.

Open File Backup

Unexpected events such as power outage or hard drive failure, to name just a couple, can take place while you’re in the middle of working on a document. The open file backup feature ensures that even open documents are backed up.

Remote Access

A feature that allows you to access stored files from any computer whenever the need arises. All that’s required are the login details for your cloud storage account. This feature comes in very handy for those who are frequently on the move and may need to access files while on a flight, in a meeting or simply out of the office.

File Security

This is a must-have feature. Providers of secure online backups encrypt files during both transfer and storage; otherwise, your data is liable to be intercepted and read by malevolent parties. Most cloud storage companies use SSL and 256-bit AES encryption.

File Sharing

The file sharing feature gives the ability for multiple users to access files, on your online account, from wherever they may be. The feature is especially useful for those who need friends, family or co-workers to be able to view some or all files stored on the account.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage, or storage that occurs online so users can access data remotely, is now very common. Already, it’s the preferred method of storing digital data, especially for small to medium sized organizations. Storing remotely versus locally offers huge advantages to both consumers and businesses.

Accessibility and Synchronization

With local file storage, you only receive access to your data from a certain location. With cloud storage, on the other hand, the devices we now use every day, all day, become access points. This includes tablets, smartphones, desktops, laptops and more. With these devices, you’re able to access your data in any location with Internet access. This removes the stress of transferring files back and forth between devices, which is both annoying and sometimes complicated.

Additionally, files remain the same across all devices, as they are automatically updated when you make changes. You will always have the latest version of a file, no matter how you’re retrieving it.

Colaboration Tools

Just as it’s annoying to transfer files back and forth between devices, it’s a pain to send dozens of emails just to share files. With cloud storage, there’s a better solution. Whether you want to share a single file, or a folder full of documents, cloud storage makes it pretty simple, eliminating time wasted.

Additionally, many storage services are more than just places to put your data. They also allow you to collaborate with peers, making editing capabilities available to authorized users. And again, the changes made are saved automatically and shared with all collaborators.

Cost Efficiency

Cloud storage eliminates the costs of using external hard drives or backup tapes, and the cost of time it takes to complete routing backups manually. Organizations don’t need to spend extra money on additional servers that are expensive to maintain or hire extra IT staff to do the work. Online storage solutions offer plenty of space for your data in the cloud, often for pretty low, affordable prices.

Space Efficiency

And the efficiency doesn’t end with costs. When you move your data into the cloud, it suddenly doesn’t have a physical presence on your devices and hardware. It will no longer take up valuable space at home or in your office because the provider is the one offering the space to store it virtually.

Security & Recovery

Of course it can be frightening to store sensitive information in a new place, but the cloud has proven to be more secure than local business storage in most cases. With good storage solutions, data is encrypted in flight and at rest, unauthorized users are unable to access the files, and the cloud provider offers enterprise-grade security measures that businesses would otherwise not have.

Additionally, if disaster strikes, you won’t face catastrophic data loss. Instead, you’ll be able to retrieve backups of your original files and restore them with minimal downtime.

There are dozens of cloud storage services out there, but they are not all equal. Rapid Scale offers cloud storage with many of our cloud services, and we can provide enterprise-grade support and security for our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our storage options in the cloud.