DDOS Protection

DDOS Protection

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are becoming more frequent, more powerful and more sophisticated. With the growing availability of attack tools and global botnets, the pool of possible attacks is larger than ever. Relying on humans to block attacks is simply not enough, and organizations dependent on manual-based protection are not fully protected from today’s threats.

  • Volumetric Attacks
  • - TCP SYN Flood
  • - UDP Flood
  • - ICMPFlood
  • - Reflection Attack
  • Application Layer Attacks
  • - HTTP-GET
  • -SSL


Recent studies have found that nearly three fourths of major organizations worldwide would have experienced Distributed Denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Volumetric DDoS are been designed specifically to consume your network bandwidth, thereby congesting your network / system, and possibly ending up crashing your network infrastructure.

DDoS attacks are normally initiated through mechanisms such as UDP flood, DNS amplification, etc. This makes prevention quite difficult. However, if your systems face a volumetric DDoS attack, you can use Klouder Limited’s Managed DDoS Attack Mitigation Service to keep your business available, and also ensure that DDoS attack traffic is filtered before it congests your network.

Protect Your Business

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can strike at any time, potentially crippling network infrastructure and severely degrading user experience. Depending on the type and severity of an attack on a website or other IP-accessible system, the impact can result in thousands or even millions of dollars of lost revenue.

Recognizing the ongoing & increasing threats from DDoS attacks, Klouder Limited has deployed technologies to quickly stabilize the situation, identify root causes, key attack vectors, and filter traffic until the threat subsides. Built upon industry-leading DDoS protection platforms, NTT Communications' global Tier 1 IP network and 24x7 expert monitoring services, our DDoS Protection Service allows for fast and effective actions to minimize the impact of a DDoS attack.

The Strategy

Klouder Limited has deployed devices with robust DDoS mitigation capacity and is prepared to combat large-scale attacks in North America, Asia and Europe. When notified of a possible attack, Klouder Limited expert security engineers analyze key network data to confirm whether an attack is in progress, and then rapidly re-directs incoming traffic through our mitigation platform. The DDoS Protection Service platform is built on best-of-breed technology, which removes attack traffic and passes legitimate "clean" traffic onto a network, allowing your business to continue to function during the attack.

Why Klouder Limited Service Security for DDoS protection?

  • The largest and most mature global DDoS mitigation network
  • Geographically distributed DDoS scrubbing centers
  • 24x7x365 SOC and large, experienced DDoS mitigation staff
  • On-the-fly response to attack signature and vector changes
  • Capacity to mitigate even the biggest, strongest DDoS floods
  • Expertise to stop every type of DDoS attack, including encrypted traffic
  • Service level agreements guarantee DDoS mitigation in minutes

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Everyone‘s security requirements are unique and we can help you find the best fit for your business. Contact our sales representative for a quotation.


Maintain Business Continuity

With today’s ever-advancing technology, businesses are increasingly reliant on the Internet for their critical business operations. For businesses that rely heavily on their website for business transactions, it is even more critical that they maintain business continuity to ensure high availability to their customers. With Klouder Limited’s DDoS Protection Service, malicious attacks are filtered out before they reach your network, ensuring that legitimate traffic will continue to flow through your network during an attack.

Integrated Protection

Our DDoS Protection Service is integrated at the network core router level using the latest state of the art technology, enabling us to offer clean traffic at the lowest latencies compared to other cloud providers that rely on BGP routing or GRE tunneling. Klouder Limited manages our own scrubbing center and equipment, having full visibility of our network and giving the fastest response time whenever a DDoS attack occurs.


With over 80% of DDoS attacks being multi-layered, Klouder Limited’s always-on Premium clean-pipe service provides Layer 3, 4 and 7 protection, offering businesses a complete solution with minimal disruption to their operations or online customer experience.

Hassle-free Implementation

Klouder Limited’s DDoS Protection Service is easy to implement and it is fully managed. Without the need for on-premise equipment or additional software licenses, businesses can enjoy a hassle-free set up with no installation and hidden costs.